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Hello and Welcome

Coinciding with the launch of the Galahad's Doom website, I am taking over my own publishing. And with that, I hope to post regularly to this blog. As it happens, with the publication of the first edition of My Brother's Keeper in 2014 by White Rocket Books, I started a blog where I made a few entries a year. So in the interest of keeping everything in one spot on the internet, I'm going to import everything over from the old blog.

May 21, 2014

Welcome, everyone, to Wrighter's Block. My name is David Wright, author of My Brother's Keeper, Book One of Galahad's Doom. This will be my home base on the web for sharing any news or thoughts about my book and other writings, whether my own work or that of other writers that I enjoy.

Please follow this blog and get all the updates on my promotional events. I already know I'll be featured in podcasts and interviews on the web here and there and I wouldn't want anyone to miss them.

First, I'm beyond thrilled to tell you that after having four short stories published by various companies, I now have my first novel, My Brother's Keeper, out there for the whole wide world to read.

I hope you will and then I really hope you'll want to talk to me about it. I began writing this book seven years ago and the ideas for it go back much further than that. It is with a great sense of personal accomplishment that I watch my book enter the marketplace. I've been living with this story for years and now I'm eager to share it.

The official announcement is coming soon from White Rocket Books, but here's a sneak peak at the cover art and a bit more about the type of story it is.

What if Christianity existed in a Swords & Sorcery world alongside wizards, dragons, elves and monsters? What would people in such a world think of sorcery? How would the church react to a king whose chief advisor was suspected of being a wizard? How did Christianity even reach this world?

These were the questions I began asking in 1997 and that I pondered for years as my story slowly took shape. Just for fun I'd think the stuff over, making notes and drawing sketches. I know, I can be weird. And I was single then so I had the time. I'd bounce it off friends of mine and they helped me brainstorm. My protagonist became a flawed young soldier that finds himself torn between duty to his king and duty to his god.

It's a story of temptation, salvation, desperation, redemption and forgiveness. It's an exploration of the relationship between church and state. It's a tale of two brothers on very different paths in their lives. And it's all set against the familiar backdrop of ancient prophesies, magic swords and epic warfare.

In other words, I'm writing the story just for me! Hopefully, I'll do a good enough job with it that others will like it, too. I hope Christians can read it and enjoy it but I also want it to work for a non-Christian audience, which I really believe it will.

It will not read like a contrite Sunday School lesson. It's a Sword & Sorcery-style quest story that has Christianity in it more than it is a Christian story with some swords and sorcery in it for window dressing.

I'm tempted to say it's Lord of the Rings meets Left Behind, but it's not thematically tied to the book of Revelation. I believe it truly offers something unique, albeit in a familiar genre setting.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

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