Book I: MyBrother'sKeeper 


Centuries ago, Saint Galahad came to the world of Lanis, bringing with him the teachings of The Way. Before his death, the great Saint was granted a vision of a cataclysmic future.


New to the king's army and relegated to remote border duty, Galen Griffon led a peaceful life until a battle with marauders from the North pulled him into the path of Destiny. Meanwhile circumstances find his brother, Lucas, on a much darker journey, willing to do anything to prove his worth.

Ancient foes bide their time as the world moves closer to war. Wizards and demons conspire to control the fate of the kingdoms. Omens herald the days of Galahad's Doom and the Church awaits the rise of the Creator's Champion. Torn between duty to king and god, Galen must decide if he will embrace The Way or reject the beliefs of his forefathers. The fate of Lanis, held under the Creator's gaze, hangs in the balance.


Invasion. War. Darkness. These are the Beginning of Sorrows. A mysterious knight born in the depths of Hell leads an army of beasts and demons as they march to a single goal: Conquest. For the glory of the Serpent, all that is Good must fall.

But as war engulfs the kingdom, Galen Griffon begins a journey of discovery that could represent the world’s only hope. Sworn into the knighthood of the Church, Galen is thrust onto a quest and told to save the world. Upon this journey he must face his deepest fears, discover his father’s tragic secret and reunite with his beloved Ariana in time to save the kingdom.

Queen Azzrea has sent her new champion, Dark Lord Iscariot, to the front lines of war. Armies and cities fall before him. Hosts of demons swarm over the realm. In this storm of violence and fear and darkness, a single light flickers. The Angelic brand on Galen’s arm and the fruit grove of a secluded monastery may unlock the desperate secret to survival.

Also by

David Wright:


Puritan Gideon Cain has taken up his sword and flintlock guns to hunt demons in atonement for his role in the tragedy at Salem.

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How far would Gandalf have gotten without Shadowfax? Where would the Vault Dweller be without Dogmeat? And could the Beastmaster been the Beastmaster without his fuzzy allies?


Animal companions are more than just sidekicks. Animals can be heroes, too! Found within are twenty stories of heroic action that focuses on the furries and scalies who have long been the unsung heroes pulling their foolish human buddies out of the fire, and often at great sacrifice-from authors both established and new.

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Book II: Marching As To War 


Hero's Best Friend (anthology)